Erotic Feminine Massage Barcelona – Female Shiva Massage


Masajes tántricos Barcelona


Erotic Feminine Massage Barcelona. In women, orgasm is a bridge of spiritual connection; a sacred moment where there is no mind, moral thought, fear or repression. The woman who experiences an orgasm ceases to be the same. Orgasms are for women the door that connects them to the divine.

In Tantra, the body is the basis for emotional, mental and spiritual development. It is about knowing our own body better to connect better with feelings. Within this scheme, Tantric sexuality is a tool to be more aware about sex, and make it a central element of our spiritual life, a process to achieve personal well-being and growth through pleasure.



In the tantric texts, female masturbation is considered helpful, even recommended. The woman can have three orgasms of physiological origin: the clitorideal, the vaginal and the point G.



Fill your body with light, with tantric practices, your whole body is electrified, filled with dynamism and light and surrounded by a strong vibration, it is not a poetic phrase, but a reality.


Masajes tántricos Barcelona