Lingam Massage for Men Barcelona

We have merged two types of massages: the male tantric erotic massage and the oriental sensitive Thai massage only for men and couples, in the male lingam massage.

This massage will travel throughout your body using natural oils and various essences to bring out your senses, enhance your energy field and your tantric sensitivity.

Upon receiving this massage the physical body loses the concept of time and space, and enters deeper levels. The aromas of this massage will awaken your masculinity, transporting you to the masculine trance.


How is a lingam tantric massage for men?

The erotic zones of man


The male sexual orgasm par excellence is the lingan, a word that signifies, in relation to the intimate nature of the body. It corresponds to the penis and is represented by Shiva. Strictly speaking, the lingam would be the set formed by the male organ embedded in the female sex (the Yoni) and not just the penis or phallus, but this name is usually given to the male organ as opposed to the yoni.

In India, the lingam is worshiped since prehistoric times by the ancient dravidians, people of dark complexion who gave this color to the stone representations of the phallus. In the ceremonies of worship of the lingam that are currently celebrated, the stone phallus is adorned with garlands, the vital signs are traced on it and a mixture of milk and honey (sperm) is poured on all the participants, who sing for hours, drink with relish.

It is a mistake, however, to believe that this is the only place of male arousal that its importance reduces others to nonexistence. The lingam is the motor that distributes the vibration through all the pores and vibrations of the body, but when you start to wake up, besides the lingam, you will feel vibrate the navel, besides the lingam the sensual center, therefore, you will know that your body is an ocean and sexual energy the current that flows through it.

In the tantric massage or erotic massage you will receive in our tantra center of erotic and tantric massages in Barcelona. These points are enormously charged with sexual electromagnetism when touched, kissed, blown.