Spa Treatment

Seduction Massage in Water

This massage adapts to the person who wants to experience the wonder of the purifying and relaxing sensuality that you can get from the water, along with the sensitive tantric massage. Once you have been introduced to your masseuse, she will invite you to join her in a bubble bath specially prepared for you. The masseuse will enter with you and begin a gently seductive massage. Then I will take you to the Japanese tatami where you will lie comfortably in front of her. The massage will continue with a captivating tantric massage. The massage begins with a very delicate touch and then your masseuse will pour rich tantric oils all over your body. As the massage progresses, a very sensory contact begins, intertwining with the mutual massage. To complete the body relax session, she will envelop you, boosting your vital energy. This will finally take you to the point where you are ready for an awesome release!

Nudist Massage Aphrodite

Mutual massage in water, it is a Deluxe Massage or five Star totally naturist interactive mutual massage. Pleasure you tastes and you senses playing with the freedom of absolute sensuality. Tantric positions to flow through touch, is a suggestive massage that will take you to the total climax of you body and senses. This tantra massage is applied on tatami in a combination of tantric techniques of sensory massage. Then you will have a second part of the relationship in whirlpool or jacuzzy in integral mode.

Double Climax Massage

Recomended only for gourmets of the pleasure of the senses and with high energy levels kundalini vital. Sensitive and interactive, it has the character of the game of the seduction. In addition , it includes two relaxations to prolong you states of well-being and take you to the ecstasy of absolute relaxation. Get ready to enjoy the integral exfoliating bath with foam and elimination of toxins. At the end you wil repeat the hydromassage session in a naturist way to finish on tatami again. An experienceof extrasensory ecstasy.

Carpe Diem Massage

Extremely sensitive ” Hornbeam Diem ” is our MAJOR MASSAGE. The best massage of the world in Barcelona. You were enjoying only and exclusively of all the massages tantra interactive in Barcelona ” MASSAGE SEDUCTION IN WATER, NURU MASSAGE, NATIVE APHRODITE, DOUBLE CLIMAX. For sibaritas of the relaxation to feel, undoubtedly you were withdrawing this only experience of massages thai in Barcelona. Dedicated to you who have special sensibility on the eroticism.

Reserve your session 2 hours in advance