Erotic massage Christmas Barcelona

Erotic massage Christmas Barcelona .Your Christmas will not be complete if you have not lived it in the style of Alone Tantric Massages. Take advantage of these festive weeks to enjoy our massage menu. With the help of our beautiful and seductive masseurs you can relax deeply and find your way to pleasure this Christmas. We will help you focus your sexual energy to maintain a better relationship with you and your environment.
We adjust to your needs and tastes, you can enjoy our massages from € 60 and up.
Thought for those who are in a hurry and little time, and want to disconnect from the routine and continue and / or end the day without tension we have our express massage of only 30 minutes: BASIC TANTRA Massage: it is a Relaxing Tantric Massage with final Língam.
It is a receptive massage, applied on a stretcher and in the unique environment of the Alone Tantric Massage centers.
You can also enjoy our tantric body to body massage: AMRIT Massage: it is a Thai massage with soft Body to Body, applied topless.
It is also a sports massage with intense and sensual muscle relaxation.
Your masseuse will exercise an intense pressure massage on all your muscles, zone by zone. You will reach the climax through a sensual Língam Massage in your most intimate area.
And, if you are looking for a little more delicacy and eroticism, we suggest our sensitive body to body massage: SWEET Massage: Sensual and receptive massage. Applied topless, it is done under the Tantric principle of the Body to Body and hands.
You can notice the closeness, sensuality and sweetness of your tantric masseuse by sliding throughout the massage. You will reach the climax through the Língam Massage in your most intimate or erogenous zone.
And as a special Christmas offer: enjoy a 20% DISCOUNT on our fabulous STAR MASSAGE: CARPE DIEM .. For more information, go to our promotions section.
Bon nadal i feliç any nou!

Es imprescindible imprimir el cupón y presentarlo en el centro.

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